Tempus fugit, time flies, is the first thing that has come to my mind when I have made the pertinent calculations before writing this text. The years go by, also for video games and, is that, we are going to try a genre whose golden age took place ago 30 years. We are in the first half of the 90s and, of course, the graphic adventures. Lovers of the genre will remember the great classics, most of them created by LucasArts; Maniac Mansion, of which a special was made on the web, Indiana Jones, Day of Tentacle or Monkey Island, among others. But, after the boom, the decline came, the possibilities brought by the new consoles made this type of game to be sideways in favor of others with a more dynamic gameplay that ended up attracting more players. Unfortunately, today, no large company is dedicated to creating games of the style, so it is usually the small independent studios that usually develop them, as is the case of Epic Llama and, its title, Darkestville Castle.

Darkestville Castle puts us in the shoes of Cid, a skeletal demon whose only motivation to live is to do evil to the inhabitants of the town that gives the title its name. After a series of events that take place in the prologue, something that is of great value to our protagonist is taken from him, so we have to recover it by all possible means. So begins the adventures – and misadventures – that take place in this story, which launched in September 2017 on Steam.

Darkestville Castle, a classic in modern times

After having played the PC version for a long time –Thanks to a code yielded by its managers-, I can only ratify the words in which they comment that they took as inspiration the great classics of the genre. The title of which I remember the most has brought me, has been The Curse of Monkey Island, the third installment of the saga. On the other hand, the color palette, as well as the characters and setting have evoked me to one of the best games of the first PlayStation, who recently received a remake, MediEvil.

From a playable point of view, Darkestville Castle, is a graphic adventure, point and click, from the 90s but that we are going to be able to enjoy now. With a cursor, we will see if in the version of Switch the touch screen can be used, we indicate where we want our character to move, as well as one of the actions that we can carry out with the various elements or characters that we encounter, whether it is «take«, « look » or «talk«. Extremely simple mechanics that, as usual, acquire complexity with the puzzles that we find on our way.

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On Steam, where it has been available for several years, it reaps very positive reviews

Technically it is an outstanding gameBoth the soundtrack and its cartoon graphics are impeccable. Its dubbing in English, also available in Russian, fully reflects the feelings and emotions shown by the characters. It is a pity that Spanish is not available, so we have to settle for subtitles, that by the origin of the study, Argentina, as well as some other expression that is used, resembles Latin Spanish more than that of Spain. Yes, there is no lack of jokes and references so common in this type of games.

Although, as you already know from the title, the news today is another; Darkestville Castle is coming to Nintendo Switch on August 13, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Its launch price will be € 14.99, a fully adjusted price for a high quality title that, according to the How Long to Beat website, which shows us the average duration of the games, will offer us between 6 and 7 hours of fun. Despite this, to finish convincing you, from this moment, you can find in the eShop a demo where you can try the title yourself.