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Dark Souls III is an entertaining and brutal experience that players have modified to transform it. Yesterday we told you about a mod that did it by adding assault rifles to the game, but the surprises did not end there. We say it since they combined it with another mod to transform it into a first-person shooter.

What happens is that the ForsakenSilver mod is compatible with the first person mod made by ZullieTheWitch. With the above, Dark Souls III ceases to be a third-person soulslike to transform into a really brutal first-person shooter.

According to ZullieTheWitch, this combination of mods doesn’t make the experience easier. While rifles are formidable weapons, there are details that balance it. For example, shooting takes your energy and it is not possible to rotate while the shooting animation is on.

You can see the combination of these mods in action in the following video:

What perished you? Would you like to test the game this way? Tell us in the comments.

If you want to try these mods here you can get the one that adds weapons to Dark Souls and here the one that allows you to play it in first person. Keep in mind that using mods in online matches can cause problems.

Dark Souls III is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. You can learn more about this title by clicking here.