Dark: Netflix already has the third and last season of the series ready | INSTAGRAM

The third and last season of “Dark” is very soon to arrive on Netflix.

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Baran Bo Odar is the name of the director of the acclaimed German production and it was he who was responsible for breaking the news from his official Instagram account, where he said that the post-production work ended and soon we will have the new official teaser for the series.

This is great news for the loyal fans of the series that will say goodbye with its barely third season, with weeks to go to officially know more details of the continuation of the plot, as well as its release date.

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Since this series was released on Netflix, it quickly gained its audience, as many users of the platform considered it one of the best they have seen, although Netflix decided to finish it sooner than expected, despite being original and liked content.

All the fans are more than ready to receive it. Below we show you what its producer said:

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“That is all. We are finally done with all the work for the third season of Dark, the final chapter. Post production is over! No more darkness for us. No more Winden. We’ll miss you. Thanks to all the people who make it possible. Thanks to all the fans out there! We love you. And yes… the teaser will be out soon… ”accompanied by an image that announces what was to come.

Many believe that the premiere will be this June 27, a date that for true followers makes sense, because according to the series, it is the date on which the end of the world would happen. Among the many mysteries that surround the story which has already added a large audience addicted to the plot, a user on Twitter recently created controversy by claiming that the series has prophetic scenes that point to the date of the Apocalypse.

The causes were attributed to the fire of a reactor located in the plant of said city, scientists noted, that the place could not be habitable in 20,000 years, according to a report by National Geographic.