Darío Yazbek proudly contributes his ‘grain of sand’ in inclusion

Now that the movie from the popular series Manolo Caro It is now available, Darío spoke about the filming process and his opinion about the leap that production took from a series to a film.

“The greatest gift is that the people who see it find greater freedom or identify themselves, especially in the emotional part, it is a fight that has been invisible for many years and I feel very proud to contribute something through a character that he was able to bring these issues to the table, ”said the 31-year-old actor.

“I have always been a supporter that love is love and the important thing is to start from there,” he said bluntly.

The actor lives free from prejudice, because in his environment he has learned to remove the mental barriers that lead to racism, exclusion and stereotypes, however, he is grateful that this way of thinking can be reflected in a character and in that way come to more people.

“I have lived in my family, in my friends, everywhere there is more openness and I saw how it could be improved. Especially from a different perspective, prejudices are always learned from childhood. It is a matter of unlearning, prejudice, discrimination, everything. I am very happy to be able to express this, “he said. Yazbek.

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