Daring rider! Noelia rides a horse and starts singing

Daring rider!  Noelia rides a horse and starts singing (Instagram)

Daring rider! Noelia rides a horse and starts singing | Instagram

The businesswoman, singer, erotic model and also an actress as well as a playmate of Puerto Rican origin Noelia, shared a video where he appears showing his talent while riding a horse and singing one of his new hits at the same time.

Noelia has been known for being a celebrity for more than 20 years, she began her acting career and although it seemed that it was only a small participation, she decided to make a better foray into the world of music, where appearing continues to do quite well for her.

The interpreter of “Candela” has managed to maintain her image of a daring girl but at the same time extremely tender, with 41 years of age Noelia He continues to maintain an enviable figure despite the fact that he loves to delight his palate with delicious dishes, he does a lot of exercise and constantly shows us the results through his videos or photographs on Instagram, the only social network that he has active.

Despite being an excellent singer and businesswoman, Noelia is mostly known for being an erotic model, thanks to her posts on Instagram she has stolen the hearts of thousands of people, especially when she feels no shame in showing her curves that her love so much followers and although on several occasions he has blocked his comment boxes, his fans go out of their way to write him what makes them feel.

If you are a follower of Noelia You will surely know that she is fascinated by practicing horseback riding (riding as an equestrian sport), there are already several videos and photographs that she has shared in which we see her share with beautiful horses either playing with them, caressing them or riding them, which she did a long time ago and shared them with us a few hours ago while performing one of his most recent hits.

“Give me a reason” is a song in the northern style and mariachi combined apparently where he expresses his feelings which he manages to convey with his interpretation, a few months ago he launched it on his Instagram and you can listen to it on any digital platform.

What a beautiful voice and you Noelia “,” A talented beautiful woman with a beautiful voice “,” Your place will not be occupied only by your beautiful woman “, wrote some fans.

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Publishing Noelia It draws so much attention that immediately his followers did not hesitate to write him beautiful words and details that he surely read with all his love which we have seen is reciprocal, with this new single the singer shows us a little more detail about your magnificent talent Well, apparently he had not released a song of this style which we believe has been very well accepted by his fans.

Throughout her career, Noelia has released several albums and from the latest news she has shared with us on Instagram, she is preparing to launch new content, from what we have seen it will be an album in English, another one to the rhythm of salsa and He hopes that he will also release one with music to set the scene for a “party”, there is no doubt that the interpreter of “Tú” is unstoppable.

When we say that Noelia is unstoppable, we mean that not only does she keep an eye on her next albums but also dedicates time to her other projects, such as her leggings line, lingerie, her CBD-based products, these are some products that it has launched on the market, however it has more companies such as PROTECOM, a lot of cars in addition to its cabarets and restaurants.

Undoubtedly, the beautiful businesswoman manages to carry out everything that she sets out to do in a given time, although we do not know much about her investments, we are sure that she has everything planned and above all that she helps hundreds of people by giving them work.

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