Australian tennis player Daria Gavrilova He gave an interview to Metro where he spoke about all the news in the tennis world, emphasizing the possibility that ATP and WTA merge into a single organization. In addition, she spoke of the possibility that men and women earn the same salary in tournaments, something that the Australian claims to understand both parties.

-Ability to make friends within the circuit:

“I have been a person who I think has been kind to all the players on the circuit and I think I have always managed to respect all my opponents. I can say without a doubt that I have made many friends on the circuit, something that few tennis players seem to affirm “

-Sharapova stated in some interviews that she did not play tennis to make friends, but to be one of the best players in the history of tennis:

“Both Maria and other tennis players have confessed in numerous interviews that they did not play tennis to make friends. Tennis, after all, is our job and I think it is inevitable that sooner or later you will be able to make friends. In a company office they are all workers and over time they end up forging friendships. I think Maria and I have different concepts of what friendship is. I have gone out to dinner with some players at night and then we have ended up measuring on the track. Who cares about that? Honestly, I think on the WTA circuit, of all the top 100 players, only 10% of the girls isolate themselves and only think of them. “

-Possible union between ATP and WTA in the not too distant future:

“This is probably not going to happen. It would be incredible if that happened but I don’t think it will happen. In tennis as in all sports there are always two well defined sections. In basketball we have women’s and men’s basketball. In soccer we have women’s and the men’s. I think tennis will stay that way. I don’t know if it will happen in the future but hopefully it will. “

-Kyrgios is one of the tennis players who is against this merger:

“I don’t just talk to Kyrgios. We only chat when we meet in tournaments. He has an opinion about it and we have to respect it. He is a boy who often talks without thinking about the consequences that his words can have. Many tennis players sometimes tweet And we don’t know what repercussion those words will have. Many of us are afraid to share our opinion regarding something and that is not right. You have to respect the opinions of everyone. “

-Equal pay between men and women?

“I do not like participating in this type of debate and the truth is that I understand the positions of both parties. Perhaps men attract more spectators and there are more fans of them. Tennis, after all, is a business and we We are like artists. The ones that attract the most are the ones that should win the most. But really we girls strive in the same way as boys and I think that inequality should not be so obvious. It is not up to me to make any decision and I don’t know on a commercial level what the numbers are. The sponsors are possibly more interested in the men’s tournaments and in this way the salary distribution is different from ours. But in the Grand Slams the situation changes and I think there should be a somewhat more equitable distribution I am grateful to women like Billie Jean King who fight very hard for equal pay. This debate will remain forever. “