D’Antoni will reduce his presence in the Nets and Hollins leaves the Lakers

Two technicians with extensive experience in the NBA are in the news. Is about Mike D’Antoni Y Lionel hollins. The first wants to reduce his presence in the day to day of the Nets. The second leaves the Lakers.

D’Antoni doesn’t want to be a full-time coach for the Nets. The Italian-American coach will possibly look for some kind of accommodation in the team. But an accommodation away from his current position of number 2 in Steve Nash. Report it Adrian wojnarowski (ESPN).

Woj points out that D’Antoni has plans for the future. And those plans don’t involve working in the NBA as a full-time assistant. His intention is to be head coach again at some point. It was about to be with Portltand. But Blazers preferred Chauncey billups. Currently, there are no longer any vacant positions on the NBA benches.

Hollins, meanwhile, ends a two-year relationship with the Lakers. He will no longer be an assistant to Frank vogel. He would like to have stayed on the team. But the negotiations to renew his contract were not on the right track.

Vogel has thus lost his two most important assistants this summer. Kidd went to Mavericks. And Hollins is leaving now.

This is not good news for Marc Gasol. See Hollins go. He coached him in Memphis and they always had a great relationship. And go get to David fizdale. He also trained him in Memphis and they didn’t finish very well.

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