Danry Vázquez made statements about his offense and Sharks in the League

The baseball player Sharks of the Guaira, Danry Vazquez spoke with the quasi-journalist of ElFildeo Carlos González V. The player spoke about his performance in recent years in the LVBP.

Vazquez 26-year-old has two seasons on the rented ball with an average above .350 with Sharks, the patrol car has been a shower from home plate. Last season he hit .414, 28 RBIs and five homers with the “sharks.”

“The key has been my family and my son, I believe that that has been the key to record the numbers that I have placed. I have always come with the mentality of thinking about them and everything I do is in their name, “he said. Danry Vazquez in part of their statements.

The gardener who was co-leader in the previous harvest of the most outstanding with the tree, said that the team of Sharks You can’t win with nine veterans, but you can’t win with the same number of young players in the LVBP.

“We need to create a fairly strong and solid structure from the beginning of the season, we have a good group, a good mix can be made. I think if we do it from the beginning, Sharks he can get into a good rhythm ”.

La Guaira He has not won a title since 1986, when they won the championship from José Martínez. For 35 years, the Guairistas have not known what it is to win.

Danry Vazquez in their statements, spoke about his reinforcement condition with Navegantes del Magallanes in the Playoffs of the LVBP and later for the Caribbean Series with Caribes de Anzoátegui.

“The experience was quite good and beautiful. Navegantes del Magallanes received me in a very good way, they exceeded my expectations. I never thought I was going to feel as much at home as I did there. In the same way with the Caribbean, it is a family ”.

Currently the Venezuelan is in a negotiation with Rieleros de Aguas Calientes to play with the team in the Mexican Baseball League.