Danone surprises everyone and removes the expiration date from all its yogurts | Life

The labeling on Danone yogurts will change in the coming months and the expiration date will be replaced.

Questions such as whether it is good to eat expired yogurt or how long it can be left in the fridge before consuming it will be even more frequent after the change that Danone will make with its yogurts in the coming months. The expiration date will disappear from the packaging and will be replaced by another more suitable.

As announced by the CEO of the Spanish subsidiary Danone, Paolo Tafuri, the expiration date of the yogurts will soon will be replaced by a best before date, as pointed out in ExpansiĆ³n. A small change of nuances that can be a bit confusing for some clients, but that has its explanation.

The reason beats changes in production that have allowed the use of more robust ferments that extend the life of yogurts; that is, the time in which they remain adequate to be consumed. This modification is already affecting 40% of the products.

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In the yogurts of the brands Danone, Activia and Oikos the change in the labels will be seen from September. The objective will not only be to provide more appropriate information to the new context, it will also have to do with sustainability.

This will reportedly combat the waste of food that is suitable for consumption. The goal is that in case the time has passed, the person smells or tastes the yogurt to check its status, as is done with other foods, instead of throwing it directly in the trash.

Writing the best before date instead of the expiration date dictates less severity in terms of possible consumption and with yogurts it is easy to check if they are in good condition.

In short, a change that is coming motivated by the adaptation to the industry and the new production system, which seeks a more sustainable consumption, so few problems can be put to the expiration date no longer appears.

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