The UEFA designation for the most important game of the Atlético de Madrid season the day after tomorrow at Anfield is already known. Will be Dutch Danny Makkelie the one in charge of whistling the Anfield clash that will face the reigning European champion and the Cholo Simeone team.


Act. On 03/10/2020 at 10:15

We are talking about the best referee currently in Dutch soccer. At 37 years old he is international since 2012. It so happens that this referee alternates his arbitration duties with being a member of the police force.

In addition, the red and white fans know him perfectly because This same season has already whistled the clash of the group stage last September that pitted the Atletico against Juventus Turin in the Metropolitano that ended in a draw to two. I alreadyn 2017 he managed a Chelsea – Atletico de Madrid which ended in a tie for one. Two results that should occur this Wednesday would ensure the move to the quarterfinals of the rojiblanco team in Anfliled.

Makkelie will be accompanied by his assistants Diks and Steegstrra. In the VAR room there will also be two other Dutch people. This is Jochem Kamphuis Y Kevin Blom.

Now all that remains is to wait for this trend of results to continue with the Dutchman as a referee, which would be a historic event for Atletico de Madrid, eliminating the current champion of the Champions League.