Danny Green He is in his eleventh NBA season at 33 years old. He comes from being champion with Toronto Raptors (previously he was with San Antonio Spurs) and he still hopes to win the ring this year with Los Angeles Lakers. He is very involved in the NBA Players Association and in a recent conversation with fellow Sports Yahoo he has talked about how he started in the Players Association:

“When you are younger you want to get involved, know and learn about how the system works, the league. The Players Association. As I grew up, people looked at me and chose me. It wasn’t even really my choice.”

After speaking with the leaders of the players union, Green is in charge of informing the Los Angeles Lakers locker room about what is happening and the measures that the league is thinking or taking:

“I am a retailer. I explain exactly what is happening. The secrets, what are not secrets. Most of the things that are happening out there … You have to stay positive, you have to keep fit, this should be heard at that time We should hear this on such a day, the normal thing is that on this date we are playing … you know, just be prepared, be informed. Just make known the important points that they need to know. ”

Hopefully Green has already communicated to his teammates that they will soon return to play and that they will have the opportunity to fight for the title of the 2019/20 season. It is what we all want, that the competition resumes as soon as possible.