Although neither the order nor the date of the NBA draft have been defined yet, some teams are already doing their homework looking and fine-tuning details on the best prospects. However, it seems that changing the pre-draft process due to the coronavirus crisis could change many things.

Danny Ainge, GM of the Boston Celtics, explained how important this process is, especially the interviews, for the teams. For this he exemplified with one of his best picks ever, since, in his words, “he would not have chosen Rajon Rondo” if “it had not been possible to meet him, be with him and look him in the eye. I needed to know him, to know what kind of person he is ”

Likewise, he later remarked that there are also cases where teams choose young people without a pre-draft face-to-face meeting, as he did in Boston with Avery Bradley and in the Suns with Steve Nash. However, the former player insisted on remarking that this year, the process will be “different” but that all the teams are in the same position, so there are no advantages to it.

With the limitation of personal encounters and interviews between the prospects and the teams, it will be necessary to see how this part of the process will work for the teams. Little more than the available videos they have to analyze the players from here to two months, although more than likely the NBA ends up deciding to postpone the draft for one or two months, until the situation “normalizes” and it is decided what to do with the current season.