Danna Paola will be the voice of ‘Raya and the last dragon’ of Disney + and other notes so that you forget the COVID

This Friday we have notes for you about Danna Paola, who will lend her voice for the new Disney + movie, the first endangered animal to be cloned in the US, the crater of Mars that the Perseverance rover will travel and more.

The Mexican singer and actress Danna Paola returns to dubbing and will be the voice in Spanish for Latin America of ‘Raya’, star of the animated film Raya and the Last Dragon, the new Disney film. In turn, the artist will perform the song ‘Hasta vencer’, which is part of the film’s soundtrack in Spanish.

“Returning to dubbing after so many years is a dream come true. Without a doubt, having received the proposal to play an independent warrior as ‘Raya’, to represent female empowerment and to tell such a beautiful story is one of the best gifts I had at the beginning of this year, “said Danna Paola.

Danna Paola released her debut album My Blue Balloon at the age of six and has been a hit ever since. Her versatility made her participate in the dubbing of world-class films such as Disney’s Home and Enredados, where she lent her voice to the character of Rapunzel in the Spanish version for Latin America and where she also collaborated with the soundtrack for the region.

On March 5, the new Disney animated film will premiere simultaneously on Disney + with Premier Access – available for a limited time of two weeks – and in available cinemas in Latin America.

Raya and the Last Dragon travels to the fantastic kingdom of Kumandra, where humans and dragons lived together in harmony, until sinister monsters known as the Drunn threatened the world and dragons had to sacrifice themselves to save humanity.

Five hundred years later, those same monsters have returned, and humanity depends on an independent warrior named Raya to find the last dragon and stop the Druuns forever.

Ferret Elizabeth Ann was born a few months ago.Ferret Elizabeth Ann was born a few months ago Made with images from the US Fish and Wildlife Service

Scientists have cloned the first endangered American species, a black footed ferret duplicated from the genes of an animal that died more than 30 years ago.

The elusive predator named Elizabeth Ann, born December 10 and introduced Thursday, is cute as a button. But beware, unlike the adoptive mother of the domestic ferret who took her into the world, she is a ‘crazy’ at heart.

Elizabeth Ann was born and raised in a Fish and Wildlife Service black-legged ferret facility in Fort Collins, Colorado.

She is a genetic copy of a ferret named Willa who died in 1988 and whose remains were frozen in the early days of DNA technology.

Cloning could eventually bring back extinct species like the passenger pigeon. For now, the technique shows promise in helping endangered species, including a Mongolian wild horse that was cloned and born last summer in a Texas facility.

Black-footed ferrets are a type of weasel that is easily recognized by dark eye markings that resemble a thief’s mask. Charismatic and nocturnal, they feed exclusively on prairie dogs while living amid the sometimes vast colonies of rodent burrows.


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will not resume their duties as members of the British royal family, Buckingham Palace reported on Friday.

With this, the resignation of the titles of ‘royal highnesses’ that the marriage communicated to Queen Elizabeth II in January 2020 is formalized.

Following that decision, Buckingham Palace began a year-long review process.

“A decision has now been made after talks between the Duke of Sussex and members of the royal family,” said a statement.

Honorary military appointments and patronages from the Dukes of Sussex will return to Queen Elizabeth II, before being redistributed to active members of the British royal family.

“While everyone is saddened by his decision, the Duke and Duchess remain very dear members of the family,” Buckingham Palace added in the announcement.


This is the landscape that the Perseverance rover will travel over the next few years: the crater baptized as Jezero, about fifty kilometers in diameter. It is estimated that it was formed about four billion years ago by the impact of a meteorite.

About three billion years ago, Mars had an atmosphere and liquid water. In fact, this crater was a lake. Five hundred million years later, the water began to disappear and the lake dried up.

You can see the meanders created by an imposing ancient river, between five hundred meters and one kilometer wide.

This river transported sediments that, when deposited, shaped a delta whose fan-shaped relief can be seen at the entrance of the lake.

Jezero was already known from previous missions (this crater had been selected and later discarded as a Curiosity landing site), but a very precise area had to be defined to ensure a successful landing.

The main motto of the mission is “follow the water”, the essential element for all known forms of life. The choice of an ancient lake provided with a delta that an ancient river created satisfies this objective.

This enclave will also allow geological studies to be carried out and learn more about the evolution of Mars. It was necessary to find a sufficiently rich and diverse area.

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They already knew it looked good with a coat. So the Proenza Schouler designers decided to dress Ella Emhoff – art student, knitwear designer, budding model, and stepdaughter of Vice President Kamala Harris – in a pair of coats (plus a pantsuit) for her modeling debut. in his new collection, presented Thursday at New York Fashion Week.

Designers Lázaro Hernández and Jack McCollough said the fashion world quickly realized that Emhoff, 21, appeared at the inauguration of the new U.S. government in January, dressed in a quirky Miu Miu coat with jeweled shoulders and a collar. starchy white. Social media noticed it too.

Soon after, the designers were planning their February show, actually a digital presentation, for pandemic reasons, and the casting director mentioned Emhoff. “And we said, ‘We were just talking about Her.’ It seemed like everyone was talking about her, ”McCollough said in an interview.

It turns out Emhoff, a senior and art specialist at the Parsons School of Design (where Hernandez and McCollough met and began their partnership), had just signed with IMG Models, joining an even bigger star of the opening: the poet Amanda Gorman.

The outdoor shoot recently took place on a stormy weekend at the Parrish Museum in Water Mill, New York. It was the first time that Emhoff walked a catwalk.

With information from AP and The Conversation