Danna Paola surprises her fans by sharing her hobby on Instagram | Instagram

The interpreter of “Sodium” Danna Paola, shared through his stories in your official account Instagram what his hobbies are, he probably surprised his fans.

Because you are quarantining your home, Danna Paola He asked his fans if they wanted to do a question and answer dynamic.

He started answering some of the questions they asked him his fans, quite entertaining while sunbathing in the garden wearing a skinny and tiny swimsuit.

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One of the questions they asked her was what her hobbies were, to which she responded very cheerfully but with some embarrassment.

“All the time I am holding my hair, I mean all the time I am seeing that my hair looks good I have a hobby with very heavy hair, eyelashes and eyebrows as I am always doing like this (he made a gesture like touching himself “commented the singer and actress.

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Another curious fact that he shared is that their eyebrows only she does them and that Lucrecia Her character in the Elite series has different eyebrows than her, something that also made her very funny was that they were telling her that when she already had her hairstyle ready that she always ended up undoing it.

The singer stated that no one touched her eyebrows, that only she could do it although she admitted that there was a person who he allowed it but for his character Lucrezia.

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Due to the pandemic by coronavirus that is currently being lived Danna Paola has become quite active in their social networks Although he continues working, he does not neglect his followers like his projects.

Currently, Danna Paola is one of the most liked actresses and singers in Mexico and the world, including on Instagram where she already gathers more than 20 million followers, one of the Mexican women with the highest number of followers in the app.

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