Danna Paola returns to dubbing for a Disney + movie

Danna Paola returns to dubbing for a Disney + movie (Reformation)

Danna Paola returns to dubbing for a Disney + movie | Reform

That’s right, the beautiful singer and actress Danna Paola returns to the dubbing of the hand of Disney and will lend her voice to the protagonist of “Raya and the Last Dragon” taking the viewer to the fantasy world of Kumandra, where humans and dragons lived together long ago in perfect harmony.

As you may remember, for several years Danna Paola has managed to place herself in the public’s taste, not only for her music, but also for acting, this after her participation in the Elite series.

And now the interpreter of “Ordinary Love” surprised by announcing that she is returning to dubbing after a few years and will do so for the second time with Disney in the film “Raya and the last dragon“.

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It was through her social networks that Danna Paola revealed that will lend his voice for the main character of the film “Raya and the last dragon” which is directed by Carlos López Estrada, son of the producer Carla Estrada.

The singer He accompanied the publication with a photograph and a video in which he announced that after working on the Disney film Tangled, he was once again participating with this company for his most recent production.

I’m so excited at last! I am going to lend my voice in the Spanish version to Raya, the protagonist of Raya and the last dragon, the next Disney premiere, ”wrote the actress.

And as if that were not enough, Danna Paola will also have a participation in the soundtrack of the film, since she will sing the song “Hasta Vencer”.

I will perform the song Hasta Vencer for the film’s Spanish soundtrack. In a little while you will be able to see the music video that we made with a lot of love. Stay tuned ”.

On the other hand, Disney shared a video on their social networks where Danna Paola shared her experience of lending her voice to the main character of Raya and the last dragon, a film that will be released on March 5 in theaters and on the Disney platform Plus.

For me, having received the proposal to cast Raya and to play this character, an independent warrior, to tell such a beautiful story is a gift and a dream come true ”, said Danna Paola.

This is how the actress also mentioned that in addition to voicing Raya as a teenager, she also did it for the same character, but when she was a child.

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The process was very fun, returning to dubbing after so many years for me was like finding a different voice so that it didn’t sound like Danna or another character. It is a harder, deeper voice and makes Raya as a child with a much sweeter, sharper voice ”, commented the singer.

Raya and the Last Dragon travels to the fantastic kingdom of Kumandra, where humans and dragons lived together in harmony, until sinister monsters known as the Drunn threatened the world and dragons had to sacrifice themselves to save humanity.

It is worth mentioning that this is the second time that Danna Paola has worked together with Disney in voice dubbing, since in 210 she lent her voice to Rapunzel in the movie Tangled in which Chayanne also participated.

As you can remember, Danna Paola He released his debut album “My Blue Globe” at the age of six and has been a hit ever since.

This is how her versatility made her participate in the dubbing of world-class films such as Disney’s “Home” and “Enredados”, where she lent her voice to the character of Rapunzel in the Spanish version for Latin America and where she also collaborated with the soundtrack for the region.