Danna Paola mocks Thalía in the middle of the interview | Instagram

Mexican singer and actress Danna Paola impressed all her followers with what happened during the interview she conducted, because it was there that she mocked and imitated to the controversial singer Thalia.

From a young age Danna Paola showed a innate talent for the entertainment industry, so during the interview she talked about how she rose to fame since she was a child.

The Mexican actress is famous since childhood for his appearances in commercials, programs and children’s soap operas.

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In the video of the interview one of the things that gave the most grace and impression was the imitation who made Thalia, because the interpreter of Amor a la mexicana is recognized for having great viral phrases.

Do you hear me, listen to me, feel me? ”He said in a comical way.

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To which the others who accompanied her replied and they made fun too and it was certainly quite funny.

That interview seems to be something oldbut it is always good ragree good times that they have passed and that they have left a smile on their faces.

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Danna is currently in isolation due to the outbreak around the country, so it has taken advantage of delight your followers wearing her swimsuits, highlighting her perfect anatomy and even exercising.

Like Ester Expósito, she wanted to show her great gift at the dance and showed herself dancing A song of J Balvin with a mini short causing a sensation in thousands of people, so now it has more than 13 thousand reproductions.

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It’s Saturday … my body asks me … “, he wrote in the publication.

And it is to be understood that, after almost a month of confinement, the Mexican actress is urgent leaving home for go to a partyWell, he has shown on several occasions that he really enjoys doing it.