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Lucrecia is the name of the character of Danna Paola in the series, you want to know how it was his casting to get your stake in the spanish series, don’t take off continue reading so you can see their fight.

Danna Paola had to interpret one of the most iconic scenes of the series, his fight with another character also from the series.

From the moment it was shared the video on the Internet It quickly went viral, not only for the seriousness that could be seen on screen but for the fact of being Danna Paola.

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The Mexican actress plays Lucrecia Montesinos her character since 2018, considered the most self-centered and classist student at the prestigious Las Encinas school.

Despite the fact that said character is somewhat complicated Danna Paola He managed to do it in his own way making him one of the series’ favorite characters, and even several netizens claim that Elite would not be the same without Lucrecia.

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Even she has taken enough affection to Montesinos, you may remember a scene when you participated as a Judge of The academyIt could easily be said that Danna Paola brought up the Lucrezia that lives within her.

The character played by the interpreter of “Hey Pablo” She is the daughter of diplomats, her family branch has a great purchasing power, from the moment new low-income students enter thanks to the scholarships they received from her institute, she shows her total displeasure.

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One of the characters who enters with a scholarship is Nadia, who receives a scholarship to study in Las Encinas and proves to be an intelligent and capable student who will dispute Lucrecia’s place as “the first of the class”, it was with her that she had the fight in his casting.

“With a headscarf, you should not think much much,” says Danna Paola in her casting.

Thanks to his talent he managed to outshine the producers becoming creditor of his first project in the European continent.

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