Danna Paola celebrates her 26th birthday with mariachis and friends

The international artist Danna Paola has returned to Mexico for the launch of Mine , his new song that already in just days has millions of reproductions. In addition, the premiere of Mía has coincided with the singer’s 26th birthday. The artist had been in Spain for a while participating in a talent show and touring the idyllic Spanish beaches. However, on the occasion of its anniversary On June 23, he went to CDMX to celebrate his anniversary with his family and friends.

The artist has a personal bond that unites her a lot with Spain because we must remember that she made very good friends during the recording of Elite, a Spanish Netflix series that is being a triumph in many corners of the planet. In addition to being a scandal with her former co-workers, the artist seems to be embarking on a new love affair with the Spanish singer Alex Hoyer.

Danna Paola says goodbye to her 25 years© @ dannapaola

Moments before the celebration of her 26th birthday, the Mexican also posted several photos with a very funny caption “Last hours with 25. I am passing by to remind you that I will not return no matter what happens … we reopen the door and whoever wants a place …”. With these insinuating words from his new musical hit Mine , the singer closes her 25 years and embarks on a new adventure.

Danna Paola celebrates her 26th birthday© @ dannapaola

Above these lines we see the happy young woman, enjoying what seems to be an impressive party with all kinds of led lights and colored balloons. These photographs of the singer have been super loved by her followers, who congratulate her and have sent her hundreds of blessings. In addition, many celebrities such as Chiara Ferragni have commented on their photos “ Congratulations“Or David Bisbal who wrote”Happy birthday my friend Danna!”There are hundreds of comments that show us how loved Danna Paola is.

Danna Paola© @ dannapaola

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