Danna Paola and Sebastián Yatra are a couple, but he will come out of the closet: Mhoni Vidente | Instagram

Danna Paola and Sebastián Yatra are a couple! This was stated by the beloved Mhoni Vidente in her most recent briefs of the show.

The Cuban assured that both celebrities do have a sentimental r3l @ tion; However, he does not predict a happy ending for them, he pointed out that Danna will abandon him to go out with another famous Colombian, something that will break the heart of the Runnaways interpreter.

There are still many problems in matters of her partner who is Danna Paola, they speak of a breakup or estrangement because of one more Colombian with whom Danna Paola is going to be dating, the seer shared.

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According to the clairvoyant, Sebastián Yatra was a woman in his other life, so his relationships as a couple are usually very complicated; However, Mhoni Vidente pointed out that he will no longer get complicated with women and will end up dating a man.

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The famous shared that the Colombian will come out of the closet and it will be a huge scandal in his life, but he always has the closeness of his parents.

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As Sebastián was a woman in his other life, that’s why he has many problems in his relationships, but at the last, last of the case I see that he is going to be dating a man; just as they hear it, with a Colombian or from an island, he added.

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So far, neither Danna Paola nor Sebastián Yatra have revealed that they are in a relationship; However, Internet users assure that this is the case, after the displays of affection they have had on social networks for each other.