Danna Paola and Cynthia Rodríguez could fight for Carlos Rivera | Instagram

For some weeks now, rumors about a love relationship between Carlos Rivera and Danna Paola have been unleashed, so it is believed that she and the current girlfriend of singer Cynthia Rodríguez have quarreled.

It all happened when, in the middle of the dispute over the singer, his girlfriend sent a message to Danna Paola, it should be remembered that both worked together for a few months in The academy.

Both exchanged messages in their respective official accounts of Instagram leaving everyone amazed.

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Rumors about a romance Between both interpreters, it was unleashed even more when several people noticed the constant messages that both Rivera and Danna Paola were sending each other.

All this compared to the photographs and messages that he had sent to his girlfriend, which were much less compared to the interpreter of “Hey Pablo”, because to date both photos and messages were almost nil.

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This action led Internet users to start almost immediately with the rumors about an affair between the two interpreters, because thanks to the success both in acting and singing, the followers of Danna Paola they are aware of everything they publish.

Messages from co-workers in The academy They have been quite cordial for this reason they surprised their followers because everything indicates that the rumors about a possible lawsuit between them by Rodríguez’s boyfriend have been forgotten, as if it had never happened.

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This was even more so when Carlos’s girlfriend sent a message of support to Danna Paola regarding the quarantine that she is currently experiencing. I feel this very positive and especially cordial clarified doubts about a possible rivalry between the two.

It should also be noted that at no time did any of the three make any statement about the rumors in which they were involved.

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