Danna García suffers aftermath of C0VID-19 | Reform

After recovering health, Danna García assured that at times she feels that the Covid-19 lives in it.

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The 42-year-old Colombian actress connected with her fans in a live, in which she confessed that she had some sequels of the virus she faced months ago.

« You asked me about the Covid: Do you feel like you were left with some sequels? Yes, I was left with many sequels. Respiratory or physical? Of both, » the actress revealed from her Instagram account.

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Danna was one of the first Latino artists to raise her voice and acknowledge that she was facing a battle against the virus that has caused thousands of deaths around the world.
Hair loss, fluid retention and sometimes shortness of breath have been sequelae left by the disease, he said.

« Almost that I felt physically worse when I had dengue, than a month and a half when Covid gave me, » he revealed. « Surely my body was not strong, but I also feel that the Covid lives in one.

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« I used to say to my partner: ‘sometimes I feel that the Covid lives in me’, because I still feel some of the symptoms I had, like something is still latent there, but it does not mean that I am contagious, » she said.

He believes that somehow a part of the virus remains in the system, he shared in the talk.
« There are very serious cases in the world now. I would tell them to continue to remain isolated, » he said.

When he sees his friends having fun in meetings with another group of people, he suddenly has the desire to be in that festive atmosphere, but in the end he understands that it is not the best right now.

« I envy when I see my friends partying, enjoying themselves, sharing with the cousins. Then I say: ‘no, what irresponsibility’, because it is very serious, » he said.

In her virtual meeting with more than 2,000 followers who connected to her talk, the Colombian left the message to remain vigilant and not allow the virus to enter homes.

« You do risk your life and because regardless of whether it gives you or not, the sequels that I carry, that many people carry many worse than me, are not fun, » he said.

He does not like to be an alarmist or talk about negative issues, however he asked his public to become aware that this virus is not yet well known.

« We do not know the impact it is going to have on the body in the medium or long term. We only know the impact that there is at the moment on those of us who had it, » Danna said.