Colombian actress Danna García was one of the celebrities who was most affected when she became infected with coronavirus, first because when she thought she was cured she was positive again and most importantly for her because she was away from her little son.

However, despite giving positive three times, she always remained optimistic on her social networks, where she shared all this hard process that she had to live as a person, mother, wife, daughter and friend.

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After all these bitter drinks, the actress is healthy and renewed, as she has shown in an interview with Aló magazine, where she adorns the cover and told various details about her months in confinement.

But what people don’t know is that Garcia returns to television playing Norma Elizondo in the novel “Pasión de Gavilanes”.

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She told Aló that she received the love of the people, of her country, with great love, and “I am grateful that they are again watching a series like the Gavilanes as a family. It comforts the soul to know that this story brings together the whole family in front of the television, “he said.

It was on March 17, after a trip to Spain, which was diagnosed for the first time, then on April 20 they tested her and she came back positive. The third and last time he confirmed to have Covid-19 was on May 13. During these months she could not see, hug or kiss her son Dante, who turned three a couple of weeks ago, that was the hardest thing for her. Now she thanks God, and says she is full in her work as mother and wife.

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For this reason, she expressed during the interview that «from the second one of becoming a mother, there is like a click that arises in you and that causes a capacity for total delivery and forever. It is the most revolutionary and strongest that you can feel in life. I love my son with every cell in my body.

On the soap opera, he told Aló, that «I feel that the success of Pasión de gavilanes lies in its history. This gives the project a certain immortality, it survives through time, because the conflicts it deals with are deep, and despite being narrated lightly, it is possible to identify with them, even today.