Danna García affirms that her body fights against the coronavirus | Reform

My body is fighting. It is hard to breathe, there is pain, but I think positive, “said Danna García, who since last Monday tested positive for the coronavirus.

It was on a trip to Madrid, made two weeks ago, when the protagonist of Pasión de Gavilanes acquired the virus.

“I am with stable vital signs. Watching the lungs. At rest and good attitude, “he said in an interview via WhatsApp.

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On Friday it emerged that Danna She had been taken to the hospital because her chest was tight and she was having trouble breathing.

The Colombian, who is in the CDMX, reported that she has already left the hospital.

“I left today (from the hospital), because I do not want to be there. I want to be at home. They need stretchers for people who arrive and it is the right thing. I am being monitored from here by the doctor,” she said.

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The actress’s health 42 years it has evolved favorably, although its lungs are still under observation.

Her husband and baby did not go with her to Madrid.

“I have not seen them for several weeks, it is very hard,” he wrote from his confinement. He said that the figures of patients given by the authorities are not true.

“It is a sensitive issue. Obviously, the figures that are used are not real, because until the test returns, you are not part of the figures.”

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Despite the fact that the actress, who has been active since 1985 It seems to be a healthy person because it takes care of its diet and exercises constantly, but it is not exempt from this pandemic, as it was confirmed on its Instagram.

“Yes, I am in isolation, yes, I have coronavirus, but I have symptoms that I think are very positive,” Garcia shared since he learned that he tested positive for COVID-19.

The global pandemic is increasingly latent In every country that has arrived and it is essential to have prudent care to send even more infections, the coronavirus does not discriminate that has become quite clear.

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