Danilo Carrera and Michelle Renaud will star in a soap opera Quererlo Todo | Instagram

Recovering the evening public with a story full of values, union and dramatic touches, will be the goal of Quererlo Todo, a telenovela by Ignacio Sada, planned to be seen at 16:30, by Las Estrellas.

« It is always very pleasant to tell these stories that are a respite for the public, more in these moments that we live in a confinement. It will be a fresh proposal for the public.

« It is a story that has a very powerful love line, also has very strong conflicts that occur around a family. At the time of the death of the father, a very powerful landowner, disagreements arise over the family’s inheritance, legacy and petty interests, « Sada said in an interview.

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The plot, original by Enrique Estevanez, will star Danilo Carrera and Michelle Renaud, with the participation of Marcos Montero, Alexis Ayala, Víctor González, Olivia Bucio and Manuel Ojeda, among others.

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« We will touch on the issue of abandoned children seeking that reunion with their father. It is a powerful story because it occurs in a fictional town … As the motto applies: ‘small town, big hell’.

« Everybody thinks they know each other’s lives, gossip, rumors, slander are unleashed. It has very funny characters in terms of the similarity that can occur with reality itself, « said Sada.

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Because the pandemic, the story, of Argentine origin, had to be adapted, and scenes of kisses and contact between the actors were limited, in addition to changing some dialogues.

« You have to work with great care, so it will be mandatory to wear masks, face masks. We are testing the entire team for Covid-19 … The most important thing is to minimize risks.

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« Yes there will be kisses, it helps that our partner starring maintain a relationship in reality, but we were forced to dose scenes where there is proximity and physical contact between the actors, « he said.

Recording is planned 122 one-hour chapters and if there are no changes, filming will start on August 3.

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