Danik Michell gets daring with ‘spicy’ photo on the beach

The model Danik michell took center stage in show business after his foray into the MTV reality show ‘Acapulco shore‘ and ‘Super shore‘, revealing her great talent and beauty to viewers.

The television host has once again stolen the attention of her more than four and a half million followers on social networks, by showing off her statuesque body while relaxing on the beach.

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Via Instagram, The former member of Acapulco Shore released the image where she is shown sitting on the sand with a seductive look and showing off her charms in a black swimsuit.

“Almost now,” he wrote.

This publication has had a great reach on social networks with more than 100,000 likes and about 350 comments, highlighting the private life and beauty that the fit girl from Monterrey, Danik Michell, preserves.

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