Daniil Medvedev: “Now I want a clay court title”

It is rare to see great champions play tournaments in the week leading up to a Grand Slam, although this season Novak Djokovic already showed how good it felt to go through Belgrade before heading to Paris. This time it has been Daniil Medvedev the one who needed an extra confidence before facing Wimbledon, that’s why he asked for a WC at the ATP 250 of Mallorca and caught a flight to the Balearic Islands. There things could not go better for him, becoming champion this Saturday and lifting the eleventh crown of his career. Minutes later, the Moscow tennis player spoke with the press to express how important this week of adaptation in Spain has been.

Champion, a word that always sounds good

“I feel great, I came here with the intention of winning a couple of games, I really thought it was the maximum I could aspire to, but in the end I was charged with a very good feeling and a lot of confidence. A title is always a title, so I am very happy to have won and to have played at this level. I think the final was my best match of the tournament, therefore everything is positive this week ”.

First title on grass

“All my titles had been on the same surface, both in ATP, as in Challengers, as in Futures. Now I need to win a clay court title, although I know it will not be easy, especially in the big tournaments. I am very proud to add this victory on grass, it is always a nice goal to be competitive on other surfaces ”.

Waiting for you at Struff in the first round

“He is a very tough opponent, I played against him a week ago in Halle and I lost in two sets, but now I am much more confident after this title. Also, I have learned some things from that loss, so now I want to train well before that game comes. We have a similar style, with great stature, good service and a good forehand. We’ll see what happens, there are times when the raffle brings you simpler paintings and other times not so much, you never know where you can fall ”.

Just in time for Wimbledon

“Physically I am very well. In the semifinals against Carreño I did have a tough fight but today in the final everything was very fast, maybe some discomfort but nothing serious. Having won in such a short time this Saturday will help me to better project the next tournament and to organize myself from this very night to prepare for it. I know I play on Tuesday, so I have two days to rest, recover and prepare as well as possible for that first round. I hope everything goes well ”.

Bad in Halle, great in Mallorca

“I didn’t do anything different to prepare for this tournament that I didn’t do before Halle. Honestly, the secret is that some players adapt more easily and others find it a bit more difficult. Depending on the surface, I need a little more time to adapt my game to speed, boats or style. Here many times it seems that the ball is out of control, but if you add games and gain confidence, little by little you feel better and get closer to that goal ”.

A fundamental factor for playing on grass

“On grass the mental factor is very important. For example, I did not know how to handle this subject well in Halle, I did not feel good in terms of my own game, I lost the first set and then, although I thought I was improving a lot, I also lost the second. This can happen, everything is decided on the fast track, in a couple of points, so it is key that the player is continuously pulling the car, as I did in the semifinals against Carreño. Against Querrey I have handled the situation much better, to the point of not seeing my serve jeopardized at any time, that gives you a lot of confidence on grass and also helps to put a lot of pressure on the opponent. In that sense, grass is a fun surface, different complications can arise and you can lose games even if you feel amazing. Maybe you hit 20 aces, you feel great, but you end up losing ”.

“I hope to know what it is like to have 20 Grand Slam in a few days”

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