Daniil Medvedev: “Every time I lose a tournament I am disappointed”

It was the stellar duel of the day and Roland Garros decided to put him on the night shift, with no audience in the stands. Simply with this it already served Daniil Medvedev to stay at ease as soon as you arrive at the press room, dispatching yourself with the criteria of the event and leaving other little notes on the table. But the Russian did not stop there, he also spoke of his role on clay, of his enmity with Stefanos Tsitsipas and the prevailing code of conduct on the current circuit which, according to him, prevents everything from being a little more fun.

Two top10 playing without an audience

“Our game was the game of the day, but Roland Garros has preferred Amazon to the people. It is that easy. It is clear that it is good when you have sponsors, this is how tennis players can earn money, but here we have many more people at Roland Garros, while those from Amazon I do not know if they were. This year we are winning 15% less prize money, so the question is: where is the Amazon money?

Conclusion of your tournament

“Every time I don’t win a tournament I feel a kind of disappointment. When I got here I felt good from the beginning, from day one, so I thought I could do good results. But if before coming here, they told me that I was going to reach the quarterfinals losing to Tsitsipas in a difficult match, I would have signed. I’m not lying, I would have signed, especially being 0-4 in the first of previous rounds. I had a great tournament, there were great fights, I fought to the last point ”.

What is most difficult for him to play on land

“It’s harder for me to convert break points and things like that, although today I felt a little better on clay. My eyes have come to see a game on grass where a player was winning 5-1 and an advantage, but ended up losing the game. In tennis sometimes it’s just a few points, so it’s a shame I couldn’t close the second set, I made a shot that went off by a few inches. I feel like the game was there, because I was fighting, adjusting my tactics from the first set, where he was much better than me. Then he took a break, I tried to fight back, but he beat me again. It was a great tennis match, I have nothing more to say. Maybe I was a bit unlucky, but we’ll see what our H2H is when I’m 35 and he’s 33. Now every game is different, he’s a great player and that’s why he won ”.

The serve below the end

“I was thinking about it throughout the game, I wanted to do it at an important moment, especially since he was always far back on the court, so it could work. I did not see the opportunity before, I always had him very above me, so I chose to do it at that moment to surprise him. Then it didn’t work at all, I gave him an easy to finish off and he closed it. It was just a tactical thing, I wouldn’t say it was a mistake. It was a blow that I dared to connect, maybe next time I won’t ”.

His enmity with Tsitsipas

“Because of the Big3, tennis is considered a super conservative and smart sport. So we are a bit obliged to continue with this dynamic, because if we don’t, the media and the people will destroy us. In other sports we can see rivalries where people many times, even if only to warm up the atmosphere, try to say some things to each other before a match, although later they do not even hate each other. It’s not like that in tennis, so I don’t think we’ll ever have a fight between us again. The truth is, I think it’s a shame, everything could be much more fun ”.

Difference with his party in Australia

“The biggest difference is the surface, but I’m not saying it thinking that I can’t play on clay, nothing like that. It’s just that his shots are better on clay, he shoots with a lot of spin, that makes him play close to the line. On hard courts, I can take those balls much earlier and take time away from him. Today I have tried to do it but it is not easy to achieve it. He even surprised me in the first set, I didn’t expect to see him play at such a high level, and that came from playing with good people like Bublik, Garín or Paul. But I felt that Stefanos was above all of them in rallying, so he forced me to be more aggressive. Really, I think I did a lot of good things today, but it wasn’t enough to win, that’s all ”.

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