Daniella Álvarez reveals that she suffered from anxiety and depression

TO one year of having suffered the strongest emotional blow of his life , Daniella Alvarez It rose from the ashes and completely reinvented itself. The young Colombian, who represented her country in Miss Universe in 2012, lost part of her left leg due to an amputation, and since then she has become an example of strength and resilience. Now, she is preparing to launch her foundation that will help people in the same condition, as well as her debut in Nuestra Belleza Latina. But not everything has been so simple, because in his recovery he faced a severe depression, of which he recently spoke with SEMANA.

Daniella Alvarez© @ danielaalvareztvDaniella Álvarez has managed to get ahead with the support of her loved ones

In an interview with the Colombian media, the television presenter revealed things that she had never dared to reveal before, such as the side effects caused by certain medications. Álvarez told SEMANA reporters that there were days when she was so listless that she didn’t even feel like getting out of bed or taking a shower.

“The first six months of my amputation it turns out that I left a clinic where every four hours I was injected intravenously with oxycodone, a stronger spice of morphine, and this caused me addiction”, confessed the model. “And not only did he have oxycodone, he also had prebagalin, which was for the nervous part whose side effect is anxiety.”

Daniella Alvarez© @ danielaalvareztv The months after her operation, Daniella shared that she consumed up to 24 pills a day

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