Daniella Álvarez remembers her ex-boyfriend with nostalgia

Many things have changed in the life of Daniella Alvarez Since the surgery in which part of her left leg was amputated, however, the model has shown that she has limitless strength. Now she is preparing to write a new chapter as a judge for Nuestra Belleza Latina. Facing this great professional adventure, the Colombian visited Wake up America , where he discussed his plans, in addition to sharing the lessons learned in this chapter of his life. In the conversation with Karla Martínez, her great love, the Spanish actor, came to light Lenard Vanderaa, who was by his side in the most difficult moments. Although their relationship did not prosper , Daniella had the kindest words for her ex-boyfriend, who has an important place in her heart.

Daniella Álvarez in Despierta América© @ danielaalvareztvDaniella Álvarez in Despierta América

“It is a love that will always exist,” replied Álvarez when asked about his break with Vanderaa. “Lenard, I can say to this day that it has been a very beautiful, very pure love, it taught me many important things.” However, theirs ended because circumstances prevented them from being together. “For a reason life always separates us; our projects, I live in Colombia, he in Spain … There is always something that has separated us ”.

Although they could only be together for a few months as a couple, Daniella recognized that he was just when she needed him the most. Their reunion, after breaking up in 2018, occurred unexpectedly, and all in the context of the pandemic and their surgery. “We finished in December 2018 and then he returns to Colombia in 2020 so as not to lose his work visa, just when the pandemic begins and they close Colombia. He has to stay in Bogotá and that’s when I arrive on an air force plane, they take me through the whole issue that was happening to me, and he says, ‘How is that? I have to be with you. ‘

Daniella Álvarez and her boyfriend, Lenard Vanderaa©@lenard.vanderaaLenard is with Daniella at the most crucial moments of her process

Daniella fondly remembered the days when Lenard was by her side, without leaving her for a minute. “He was my shoulder, my support, he accompanied me to all my rehabilitations, my entire process … but things happen because they have to happen.”

To conclude the topic of her ex-partner, Daniella said the following: “It will be what God wants. He (Lenard) knows that I adore him and I also know that I have a special place in my heart; that we were in the moments that had to be, but no longer, no longer is ”.

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