Wrestling planet | Daniel Bryan: “I can beat Brock Lesnar the next time we meet”

Former world champion Daniel Bryan surprised the WWE Universe and the world when he announced two years ago that he was coming out of retirement to compete again, after being forced to retire in 2016. Since his return to the ring, Bryan has not taken the second chance they have given him.

Bryan commented:

It’s interesting. When something is taken from you, you begin to appreciate it more. You don’t realize that at any moment, they can take it away from you ».

After returning, Bryan faced Brock Lesnar in a Champion vs. Champion fight in Survivor Series. Lesnar was the winner of that match, but it was still a special night for Bryan. Bryan said he wanted Lesnar to “beat” the «YES Movement»To help you become the«NewDaniel Bryan, and Lesnar did exactly that.

“I don’t think I lost that fight.” But also, he was making the transition from old ‘Yes’ Daniel Bryan to ‘New’ Daniel Bryan.

“He really wanted to antagonize Brock Lesnar, hit me as much as he could because he felt he needed to beat old Daniel Bryan, and I feel like he did a very good job of it.”

Matt Camp followed up on that statement by asking Bryan if he would like to have a rematch with Lesnar in the near future.

“With Drew Gulak helping me train, I have no doubt that I would beat Brock Lesnar, I think I would love to have another match with him.”

“And with Drew as my coach, I think I can make it to the top this time.”

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