Daniel Radcliffe is sorry for his performance in ‘Harry Potter’

Despite his severe self-criticism, the actor is also grateful for his participation in the saga. Photo: Warner Bros Pictures | Warner Bros Pictures

2011 would mark the end of the saga of film adaptations of « Harry Potter”, Which together with the books on which it is inspired, remains one of the most appreciated franchises by a whole generation of young adults who relive over and over again the adventures of the boy wizard in his fight against Lord Voldemort and his army of dark sorcerers.

Daniel Radcliffe He was only 12 years old at the time he was selected to take the lead role in the series and although it is not a widely known topic, his parents were on the verge of rejecting the offer because it required moving from London to The Angels, which seemed too sudden to Daniel at his young age.

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A contract was entered into for Radcliffe for two films and production would remain within the UK. The film franchise would turn out to be a huge success from the very first installment, with each sequel becoming a highly anticipated event and at that point it became apparent that Radcliffe it would be the definitive face with which the character is associated.

The actor would grow along with his fans, demonstrating over the years a great dramatic talent in front of the screen as the saga progressed. And despite the fact that fans are more than willing to defend his work, the now 31-year-old actor would be surprisingly critical of his work.

During a recent conversation with Empire, Radcliffe stated that he is « incredibly grateful » for the experience of being part of the series, but that he is « intensely embarrassed » by some of his acting sequences throughout the franchise, noting that it is difficult for him to separate his relationship with Harry and its relationship to the movies as a whole entity.

I’m intensely embarrassed about some parts of my performance, but yeah, it’s like asking ‘How do you feel about your teenage years?’ There is so much there that it is almost impossible to sum up in one feeling.

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After finishing the saga, Radcliffe has proposed to accept acting roles so varied that they would avoid being pigeonholed into a single narrative genre and despite the fact that comparisons with the franchise of Harry Potter, his talent has become more and more evident.