Daniel Muñoz is running for the rooms: “I am multifunctional and I will be able to replace Cuadrado”

Replace Juan Guillermo CuadradoThat is the task that coach Reinaldo Rueda must do in the work week that he will have before playing the quarterfinals of the Copa América. Daniel Muñoz, with a good game against Brazil, is emerging as the substitute for the winger.

His most recent performance in Belgium with Genk opened the doors of the Colombian National Team to right-back Daniel Muñoz, who was born in Amalfi 25 years ago.

He is a winger with an offensive vocation, but against Brazil his defensive performance was outstanding. Not obatante, they asked him if he misses that offensive facet and he did not hesitate to say yes.

“Of course, those functions are missed, but I am aware that my first function is to defend and, after doing it well, one can go on attacking. The game is telling me that, perhaps against Brazil I should be more aware of the duels with the attackers and my role was primarily defensive, “he declared.

He also knows what it is to play as a winger on the right and that is why the Colombian press speculates about his possible incorporation to the position that Juan Guillermo Cuadrado will leave due to the accumulation of cards.

“The possibility exists, I am a multi-functional player and I am no stranger to these types of tasks and obligations on the pitch. But they are decisions that coach Reinaldo Rueda must make and, for my part, I am at the disposal of the functions that I want to do on the field and the purpose is to fulfill them in the best way, ”he said at the press conference.

Colombia hopes to know its final position in the Group B standings in order to meet its rival in the quarterfinals.

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