Daniel Kaluuya to participate in Jordan Peele’s new film

This will be the second collaboration between the actor and the filmmaker. Photo: Universal Pictures | Universal Pictures

The winning director of the Oscar Jordan Peele he is in preparation for his new film project, which has already found two proyagonistas. So far the director has kept secrecy regarding the theme of his new film, but The Hollywood Reporter would confirm the participation of Daniel Kaluuya next to the actress Keke Palmer.

Palmer is not alien to the work of Peele, having been part of one of the episodes of the humorous sketch program “Key & Peele”. In addition, she already has experience in the field of horror having had an important character in the third season of the series inspired by the saga « scream”.

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Kaluuya neither is it alien to the filmmaker’s work. He would have received a nomination for Oscar in 2017 in the category of « Best Actor » thanks to his participation in « Get out”, Tape with which Peele He made his debut as a filmmaker and with which he was awarded the award for « Best Original Screenplay. »

About his new project, few details have emerged about it, except for the fact that Peele he will direct with a script of his own and that the production has an estimated release date for the month of July 2022. « Get out”Would also have been responsible for promoting the career of Kaluuya in the industry of Hollywood.

After making the leap from comedy to horror, Peele premiere in 2019 « Us”, A tape that also has a script of his own. Although it failed to match its predecessor at the box office, the film was a further attempt by Peele in his efforts to build thrillers with a strong sense of social conscience.

The director would confirm in past interviews that audiences could expect this same style in his film scheduled for 2022. « I have four other social thrillers that I want to reveal in the next decade, » would comment the filmmaker, who assures that he seeks to show how it is that being Human is the most terrifying monster in our world.

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Peele is waiting for the premiere of « Candyman”, A tape of which he is co-author of the script and executive producer. Also in development is « The People Under The Stairs », a remake of one of the most iconic films of Wes craven, which despite his role as a producer, his possible intentions to direct it has not yet been revealed.