Daniel Guedes must leave the Saints coming soon. The player is wanted by Enderson Moreira, coach of cruise, with whom you have been in frequent contact, and conversations for a transfer are well underway.

“Professor Enderson called me, asking about my situation and wanting to know my interest in acting for Cruzeiro. It was a direct conversation with him. From then on, I left everything in the hands of my manager, together with the directors of Santos and Cruzeiro. There was a call from the teacher that made me very happy. I am watching this from a distance, watching my representative talk to Santos and Cruzeiro people. I look forward to the outcome of this situation, “said the right-back in an interview with Itatiaia Radio.

Daniel Guedes has no forecast of returning to the lawns

Fish should not hinder negotiations. The defender has been preventively suspended for doping since September 2019 and is awaiting a trial by FIFA to know when he will be able to return to the pitch. Daniel Guedes was caught in the use of the hygienic substance on May 27, in the defeat of Goiás, his former club, from 1 to 0 to CSA, for the Brazilian Championship.

“I don’t think Santos would make it difficult for me to leave. I think the clubs have a good relationship. It would be a great joy for me to be able to wear this shirt. The expectation is that they understand that they were very radical in the decision and that there is a release o as soon as possible, because almost nine months have passed. This is already enough for the degree of contamination that existed in my urine substance. I hope that this will resolve soon and I will be released to be able to return to normal activities, because it was really painful to go through this unfair situation “, he revealed.

Finally, the player did not hide his affection for Cruzeiro and minimized the current situation of the club.

“When you talk about Cruzeiro, you talk about a club with a lot of tradition, one of the most winning clubs in Brazil. If you talk about a very heavy shirt, then this is what motivates the athlete. Cruzeiro is Cruzeiro anywhere , in Serie B, in Serie A, in Libertadores, in the World Cup. Everyone will always respect it. Being part of this mission, for me it will be a learning experience and something very important in my career. If that happens, I will be very happy “, he concluded.

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