Daniel Arias surprises his father, Imanol Arias, in ‘La hora de la 1’ and tells the only fight he threw at him

On January 14th, the 21st season of ‘Cuéntame how it happened’ arrives on Spanish Television and, To talk about it, that same day its protagonist Imanol Arias attended the set of ‘La hora de La 1’. « The other day a friend told me not to lie, that ‘Tell me’ does not come back; ‘Tell me’ has not left. In any case, we reprogrammed, » the actor commented as soon as we started, referring to the fact that they have been with the Serie.

« The consumption of television helps a lot, not only to pass the time, but to find oneself and not be so aware of the outside. It is a good time to premiere », says Arias convinced, who adds the following analysis: « We believed that ‘Cuéntame’ told a nostalgic reflection of a whole generation in a special moment that is the democratic transition, but it was also special because of the learning that generations have to do in the transition to democracy. Lately we noticed that tell me he also told us about today, but as on the side« .

Daniel Arias and Imanol Arias, in ‘La hora de La 1’

After talking about some of the plots, the time jumps and the characterization in the new season, Imanol Arias has moved to another point on the set with the presenter Cristina Fernández to talk to someone. What he did not imagine is that the one who would appear on set would be his son Daniel Arias, being the first time that both coincided on a set, beyond the one of ‘Cuéntame’. The father has had great words towards his son, defining him as « very nice and very active » and recognizing that he is very fond of him.

« My father is not a fighter, but he does pullitas »

Daniel Arias, who quickly accepted the invitation to the program of La 1, awakened that they made him the proposal and asked him to tell some anecdote with his father live. And so it has, well Daniel has opted to tell the « only anger » he has received: when he failed English. « My father is not to throw fights, but pullitas. » The mother had already found out about the suspense, but not Imanol. « He didn’t say anything to me. But one day he was with a friend and he greeted us (very animatedly) and I thought: ‘He hasn’t found out that I have failed English, he’s not going to throw me off.’

« Then he told me: ‘Come on son, get in the car I’m taking you, which in English is’ getting to the car ‘, tontolaba’ », remembered Daniel Arias while his father laughed on set. « That already triggered a conversation in the car. We were silent and at one point he says to me: ‘Not English, not English. Mathematics as you are dyscalculic you can fail, but not English because if you want to be an actor you have to have perfect English. Your father has never been to Hollywood, but you can go ‘ », said the little Arias, clarifying that » it was not a fight but a talk. «