Director Dani de la Torre and screenwriter Alberto Marini are already working on the development of a second season of ‘Unit’, a television series that they have created for Movistar + about how the members of the Police Investigation Unit that fights against jihadist terrorism act and live.

This was announced by the partners of Audiovisual451, one of the media that have had access to the online showcase that Movistar +, Vaca Films and the German Beta Film, in charge of international sales of most of the original series of the Spanish operator, have celebrated at the beginning This week for acquisitions executives and other international representatives, in a virtual event that has served as a global presentation of the series.

Christian Gockel, vice president of international operations for Beta Film, believes that this television series is “a fiction that will appeal to platforms and channels around the world. Even those countries most sensitive to Islamic terrorism are appreciating the series.” For now HBO has already taken over its distribution for Latin America and they are in advanced talks to close their sale to territories such as the USA, Russia, Australia or Germany.

“Since we read the scripts we knew that ‘Unity’ was going to be a special series. It is becoming one of the most demanded in the market, we have a lot of interest from buyers from all over the world,” added Gockel about this production. which will be released in Spain this May.

For his part, Domingo Corral, responsible for the original fiction of Movistar +, assures that “we are facing one of the most ambitious productions of Movistar +. We have dedicated more than two years to the development and writing of the script, fortunately the creators have had the opportunity to spend a long time with real agents and this has endowed the series with a unique authenticity “.

Corral has also been the one who has confirmed that his main creative managers are already working on the, for now, possible second season of this thriller, the first season of which consists of a total of six episodes, each about 50 minutes long, the shooting of which is It spanned over 18 weeks and included international locations in Nigeria, Toulouse or Perpignan.

‘Unit’ It offers an unknown perspective of police work, necessarily anonymous, from a complex and exciting operation that covers different countries. A bet that combines the most direct entertainment with a topical plot for which a thorough documentation and research work has been carried out.

The series also tells how they live and how their work affects their personal relationships. Flesh and blood heroes, highly qualified and at the forefront, internationally recognized among the best professionals in the world and always ready to ensure citizen security. Some protagonists in the shade, of whom we know nothing, because, to do their job well, they must be invisible.

Frentica and very current, ‘Unit’ it is a faithful reflection of the society in which we live: Globalized and in which events unfold rapidly.

Alberto Marini, creator with Dani de la Torre and screenwriter with Amelia Mora, affirms that “Our intention has been to offer a 360-degree portrait of someone who is on the front line of the fight against terrorism, returns home every day, and He has to deal with his small and big daily problems. It has been a research work that has taken us two years and, in addition to providing us with valuable material for the series, it has been revealed in an extremely enriching life experience “.

Nathalie Poza (Goya for Best Leading Actress for ‘I don’t say goodbye’) as Carla, the Chief Curator, heads her cast together with the Argentinean Michel Noher as Marcos, the best member of “the unit” and also former partner of Carla, with which he is in the process of divorce; Marian lvarez (winner of the Goya for the best leading actress for ‘La herida’), who plays agent Miriam; and Luis Zahera (winner of the Goya for best supporting actor for ‘El reino’), who plays Sergio.

Accompanying them in this great production are renowned interpreters such as Ral Fernndez de Pablo, Carlos Blanco, Fele Martnez, Alba Bersab, Francesc Orella, Pepo Oliva and Miquel nsua, as well as a numerous international casting with names such as those of Fariba Sheikhan, Amina Leony , Hamid Krim, Mourad Ouani, Mekki Kadiri, Moussa Echarif, Omar Bentaleb, Bouzan Hadawi, Said El Mouden or Tarik Rmili, among others.

This particular and necessary brigade will have to infiltrate and immerse itself fully in a revealing and delicate operation that will test both the professionalism and humanity, the values, the ambition, the limits and the most real fears of the members of this unit.

‘Unit’, a global entertainment series with an extraordinary production commitment and visual power. Dani de la Torre and Alberto Marini have surrounded themselves with a first-rate technical team that includes Josu Inchustegui in the direction of photography, Julio Torrecilla in the direction of art, Jorge Coira and Juan Galianes in the montage, El Ranchito in the effects digital or Manuel Riveiro as composer of the soundtrack. Many of them collaborators with Dani de la Torre in ‘La sombra de la ley’, winner of three Goya awards, and ‘El unknown’, who in turn won two Goya Awards.

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