Dani Ceballos | Real Madrid: ‘They are the ideal team to succeed’: Ceballos and the nod to Zidane at Real Madrid | League of Spain | Soccer










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The Spanish footballer on loan at Arsenal, continues to dream of succeeding in the merengue team.



Futbolred Writing

May 20, 2020, 04:58 p.m.

For many footballers playing at Real Madrid is a dream, but it is not enough to just achieve the ‘dream’, because the performance required by a team of such a level has to be extremely superior to achieve a position in the starting lineup. Dani Ceballos is one of those players who came to Real Madrid with many expectations, but his performance did not meet the coach’s expectations, due to that and in search of more playing minutes he is on loan at Arsenal in England, wanting a rematch on Zinedine Zidane’s team.

The Spanish midfielder gave an interview to TVE, in which he communicated his desire to return to the merengue team and demonstrate on the pitch the reasons that led him to be signed by Fiorentino Pérez: “I am a Real Madrid player … And to any World player would like to play for Real Madrid, I have a contract with them for three more years and they are the ideal team to succeed, “he said.

In the interview, Ceballos spoke of the current situation in England with regard to the resumption of competitions: “48 hours ago we passed the tests and the truth is that the whole team has given negative. We are going to start a week late with respect to to what is being talked about in Spain, which is June 12, and we are going to start the league on 20 “.

Ceballos concluded by saying that he feels much more mature to play for Real Madrid, sending a nod to coach Zinedine Zidane: “The best of Dani Ceballos is yet to come, settling down in a team, feeling important, feeling a leader, which is what really like”.



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