Dani, aspiring Spanish astronaut: “I want to fulfill my childhood dream”

This 33-year-old Catalan is one of 1,344 Spanish applicants for one of the four astronaut positions offered by the European Space Agency

His resume allows him to access the first phase of a “hard and complicated” selection that he faces with great enthusiasm

One of the applicants is Dani sors. Born in Vic (Barcelona) 33 years ago. Dani is Aerospace Engineer and currently works at Open Cosmos, a company based in Oxford (United Kingdom), specialized in missions with satellites. Before that, he was part of ESA’s European Space Research and Technology Center (ESTEC) for two years. After years “sending satellites” into space, now “I want to be I am the one who travels and live the experience”, He tells NIUS.

To apply for the selection process, you have to meet a series of requirements that this Catalan has plenty of: a higher degree or master’s degree, three years of professional experience in natural sciences, medicine, engineering, mathematics or computer science, pass medical and psychological tests and have the title of airplane piloting, in addition to knowing English and another language, other than the native. “Regarding the height, they ask for 1.50 to 1.90 meters because it can’t be very big, the cabins are narrow.”, Explain.

“I had to try and not stay with the desire”

Dani recognizes that “it is difficult” to get a place because “Spain contributes very little budget to the space race And that weighs, unfortunately, but I had to try. I cannot stay with the desire or with this run run that I have always had inside, ”he says hopefully.

If Dani makes the cut the decision will be known in October 2022, will fulfill the dream that has accompanied him all his life. “I cannot imagine a goal that I could be more passionate about than seeing the Earth from space and contribute from there to the development of science and technology. It’s my dream since I was little“, be honest.

The man from Barcelona attends us in Pamplona. There he has met with two friends to continue the Santiago’s road which started four days earlier in France. “It’s a little break to relax after all the paperwork“, he affirms, while surely he has in mind to ask the saint to grant him this” miracle “.

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