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After making history by becoming the Youngest footballer to debut in La Liga from Spain (he did it in Mallorca with just 15 years and 219 days), he Argentinian Luka Romero He spoke with national media to tell part of his story.

Although many of us were dazzled by the videos that we could observe of the left-hander, who is already compared to Lionel Messi in his beginnings due to the similarity in movements, there is someone who played with him many years before: nothing less than Dani Alves, the most successful footballer in the history of sports.

“I was playing little games alone in the sand, while my dad and mom were sitting. Dani Alves came with his group of friends and they came to play with me. I saw him and I recognized him, he told me ‘pass the ball. ‘ And then he invited me to eat. Next to the beach there was a restaurant and he invited me ”, The boy Luka, who was just 7 years old at the time, told the Jogo Bonito program.

But that was not all: the statements and the video that records the moment went viral on social networks, which is why it reached Alves himself who did not hesitate to respond: « Good to know about that, the things that only happen in football. Best wish to you! ”, wrote the current San Pablo player. The nice things about soccer.