Dancing Lizbeth Rodríguez wears her silhouette with micro garments

Dancing Lizbeth Rodríguez shows off her silhouette with micro garments | Instagram

Thanks to social networks, the name of Lizbeth Rodríguez began to be known, especially because of the controversies in which she has been involved since she began her career as youtuber and host, thanks to its entertaining content the young businesswoman, celebrity and influencer He continually surprises his fans just as he did recently in a video he shared where he is dancing slow and quite s3ductive.

East video shared it through his account Tiktok a day ago, where he was perhaps doing one of his dance routines for the application in which he has also become quite popular, today he has 8.3 million subscribers.

The place where the young woman was actress It seems to be a room and also a study because of so many white colors that are around, also decorated with a lamp that helps you to have better lighting in the room where you are recording.

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Ex girl Badabun She is wearing two tiny pieces of clothing, both appear to be sporty, the upper one is a top with wide straps that perfectly hold her charms and the lower one is a micro short that when turning a little reveals her posterior charms.


Lizbeth Rodríguez is also wearing a tennis shoe, it would not be a surprise if she was about to exercise because her hair seems to be arranged and ready to be held in a high ponytail so that it does not bother her face when exercising. as we have seen on some occasions that he has shared with us.

Since she opened her Tiktok account, the flirtatious ex-host of Exposing Infidels, has not stopped sharing content, this platform is really entertaining, if you go to see only one video you will surely end up watching at least five, as it lasts so little time it is easy to see one after another.

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Lizbeth tends to share content continuously, usually she appears alone although there are certain occasions when her boyfriend Esteban Villagomez, her son, also appears. Eros or also some friends and part of her production team, who seem to live with her in the same house.

The song that Rodríguez is dancing is titled “Qué Más Porque?” interpreted by J Balvin & Macia Becerra, single released in 2021, to Lizbeth Rodriguez She loves to dance being very flirtatious and takes advantage of her figure to accelerate the hearts of her fans.

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