Dancette and Lassource with Les Bleues

French coach Olivier Krumbholz called Blandine Dancette and Déborah Lassource as reinforcements for the work camp at the Maison du Handball de Créteil, from November 22 to 30, since the Norwegian stage of the Golden League has been canceled.

Perfect timing for Blandine Dancette (32 years old) and Déborah Lassource (21 years old)? Impossible to know at the moment. Still, two weeks before the kickoff of the Euro, in Denmark only finally from December 3 to 20, The experienced right winger from Nantes and the young center-half from Issy Paris were offered the opportunity to take the train for the European Championship, certainly at the last moment, but on time.

Everything will depend on how the two young women will behave from Sunday 22 to Monday 30 November next during the work camp for Les Bleues at the Maison du Handball de Créteil, hastily scheduled by Olivier Krumbholz. Following the cancellation of the Norwegian stage of the Golden League just after Norway gave up on co-hosting the Euro with its Danish neighbor, the French coach was forced to react as quickly as possible. He therefore added this longer internship than planned to the preparation schedule of his players and decided in the wake of bring in two additional elements compared to what he had initially planned from the time when the Golden League was still maintained, with reinforcements therefore from Dancette and Lassource.

Take off for Denmark on November 30

The Nantaise will thus find the group France, more than a year after its last appearance, in September 2019. For Lassource, on the other hand, this convocation constitutes a great first, insofar as the Parisian has never set foot in the A, although she participated in the Capbreton camp during the summer of 2019. After this internship at the Maison du Handball, the French will fly to Denmark on Monday, November 30.

From December 3, the preliminary round of the Euro will then await the title holders, who will defend their trophy in a group also comprising the host country, Slovenia and Montenegro. In 2018, in France, the future European champions came out in second position from a pool that had put them at grips with Russia and, already, Slovenia and Montenegro. Sweden and Denmark came together in the main round, without slowing down the players from Krumbholz.