Dance! Chiquis Rivera shines on Tik Tok with nothing down

Dance !, Chiquis Rivera shines on Tik Tok with nothing down | Instagram

Chiquis Rivera once again surprised his followers on social networks. The singer decided to give them a more than attractive dance and surely stole the sighs of many by showing off and letting see that there was nothing under her blouse.

Jenni Rivera’s daughter decided to make more than attractive hip movements while showing off her curvy figure with black latex leggings and an exotic silver top that showed that she was not wearing anything under her blouse.

The businesswoman also demonstrated her ability to dance in heels and is so big that she danced to the floor leaving all her followers with their mouths open. The interpreter of Cheer up and you will see He amazed both his Tik Tok and Instagram followers by sharing his dance steps on both social networks.

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The ex of Lorenzo Mendez He shared the recording 4 days ago and has already exceeded 80 thousand reactions on the famous social network. The recording was shared with a funny description “It’s FRI-YAY !! “. Internet users took the opportunity to fill Chiquis’s comment box with emojis of fire, hearts and others, reactions that he caused with his hip movements.

Weekend Chiquis Rivera placeholder image gave a lot to talk about after it was speculated that she would have a new boyfriend and that this would be the photographer of her dear friend Becky G. As it transpired, Emilo Sánchez would be the new love of the niece of Lupillo Rivera.

The rumors became strong after some images circulated on social networks in which the winner of the Latin Grammy can be seen very closely with Emilio, although they are not seen doing something compromising and it is not the first time they have been go together. However, Lorenzo Méndez could not help reacting and sharing on his social networks that this is the third time that one of his friends leaves with one of his “exes”, could he be confirming everything ?; minutes later, he deleted his comment.

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Chiquis Rivera’s ex was approached by the Hoy Program of whether with his words he confirmed Chiquis’s courtship with the photographer, something he denied and sent congratulations to both if this is a reality. Apparently, the former vocalist of La Original does not like the possibility that his ex-wife has a new love.

The romance of Chiquis and Emilio would be for many the sign that their relationship with Lorenzo Méndez has definitely ended. The followers of both are hopeful that the couple will finally reconcile and return to being as happy as they were.

The separation of Janney Marin Rivera It was a mystery, the American personality and composer assured when he announced his separation that he would not speak about it or about the reasons for it. For his part, Lorenzo did speak of his separation to the media, pointing out that he loved the famous daughter of the Diva de la Banda and showing that he was very affected by what happened; what he never mentioned was the reason for the separation.

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Rivera pointed out that it would be out of respect for her ex-mother-in-law and Méndez’s daughter that she would not speak about the reasons for her breakup; while he asked her to fulfill the promise he made to his daughter to always be a part of his life.

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So far, Chiquis Rivera has not talked about whether he is in fact giving himself a new opportunity in love; however, many followers will be glad that he finally does and closes his chapter with Lorenzo.