UFC President Dana White says that plans are already underway to prepare for a possible second shutdown due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The sports world was rocked by the COVID-19 crisis and the UFC was no exception. The promotion had to postpone numerous events due to blockages and additional precautions. Finally, the promotion was able to return on May 9 after being out of service throughout April. Still, White is not about to rest on his laurels.

Knowing how to handle business amid a pandemic, the UFC is aware that nothing is guaranteed. That’s why White told reporters during a press conference that he already there are plans in case another shutdown occurs, as reported by the MMA Junkie website.

“I told you guys, going into this, I’m always thinking about what will come next. And something frustrating about all this is that I keep telling this story, I told it again this morning: four months ago, I could have told you everything about this business, where it is going, where it is going to happen. I do not know now. So all I do is sit down and strategize and try to plan. And I’m PLANNING a second shutdown, in case it happens again. ”

White says it’s too early to go into detail, but that does not want the fighters to be idle and their staff to be out of work. White prides himself on the fact that there have been no layoffs at the UFC due to the coronavirus pandemic. You hope to keep it that way even if another forced shutdown occurs.

Since obtaining authorization from the Nevada State Athletic Commission, the UFC has been holding events at its APEX facility in Las Vegas. Another event will take place inside the venue this Saturday night (June 20). Topping the event will be a heavyweight battle between Curtis Blaydes and former Bellator heavyweight champion Alexander Volkov.