Dana White ridicules Mayweather and Logan Paul display

UFC President Dana White is always forthright. So it’s no surprise the way he talked about the Mayweather-Paul boxing display.

In a recent interview, Dana White left nothing to the collective imagination and said what he thought of the “fight.”

“That was not a damn boxing match. Like I said before, there will always be a market for that kind of thing. There will always be people willing to pay $ 50 to see that kind of thing. That is far from what we do. Think about this, imagine if Kim Kardashian wanted to fight Amanda Nunes. How big would that fight be? It would be huge, it would be the biggest event, but let’s be damn serious. “

Dana White has a good point, the fight disappointed more than one. Mayweather was at half throttle the entire time without taking the YouTuber into deep water. Additionally, Showtime had to offer refunds due to the pay-per-view platform going down at the time of the fight in some places.

But White concentrated on boxing as is his custom and took the opportunity to throw a couple of darts.

“It’s exactly what boxing has always been. You create this energy around a fight where you say ‘oh this is exciting’ and then you look at it and turn the TV off and you say ‘I just lost another night, I should have gone out and done something else. I don’t want people to feel like this when they turn off the television after watching some of our fights. “

“Listen, if you have people who are stupid enough to spend that amount of money, you deserve to take the money from those fools. They deserve it.”

Dana hasn’t had a problem bringing the likes of CM Punk and James Toney to the UFC. Given Logan’s interest in MMA, you have to wonder if Dana is willing to take one of the Paul brothers to the Octagon at some point. Dana may hate the concept, but she doesn’t hate money, and the Paul brothers are money producers.

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