For fans of MMA, one of the biggest concerns is the realization of UFC 249, after the pandemic of coronavirus. With various events postponing their dates, to avoid the spread of the virus.

UFC try to keep the realization of one of the most anticipated events of the year, which is scheduled for the April 18th. UFC President Dana White remains confident that the event will happen, but He adopted a position in front of the press that criticizes him for keeping the event going.

In interview with Yahoo Sports, White did not respond if the fighters had preventive examinations for the coronavirus.

“The less the press knows, the better. Let’s put it this way: There is a lot of hysteria because of the press “White said.

Dana He continued with his aggressive speech when considering that companies are acting in a way that, according to White, they cause panic in the population. The UFC’s top official limited himself to speaking about the treatment of its officials in general, but not specifically in relation to COVID-19.

You have known me for a long time. When my fighters and my team are with me, they have the best medical care they can, being alone, at home or if they work with someone else. You don’t need to know. It is not on your account ”, Shooting White.

With many deaths around the world, Dana maintains his speech that UFC 249 will happen. The stellar fight will have the expected fight between Khabib Nurmagomedov Y Tony Ferguson by light weight belt.

The billboard, which could not be done in NYHe already has a new place, the president, did not reveal where the fight will be.