After tackling the most extreme journalism with ‘Nightcrawler’ (2014) or the strangest corners of the art world with ‘Velvet Buzzsaw’ (2019), Va Deadline reports that screenwriter and director Dan Gilroys is adding a new project to his career with‘Faster, Cheaper, Better’.

In a world in which artificial intelligence increasingly assumes the work of humans in all kinds of sectors, Gilroy declared to the media that we are facing a film about automation and artificial intelligence, a multi-narrative drama set for two decades and in multiple places.

« Follow a group of interconnected characters dealing with automation and artificial intelligence that change their world, particularly the world of work. I have always been interested in machines and technology, and how automation and artificial intelligence have recently been profoundly transforming For example, right now, there are fully automated factories all over the world where robots are literally making robots to replace people in an absolutely infinite variety of jobs, « said the director, who continued …

« Not just manufacturing and production jobs. I realized when I started researching that this is just the beginning of an era of transformation we are about to enter, where automation and AI are truly the labor equivalent of climate change. , and how fully prepared we are not as people and as a world for what is coming. « 

Jennifer Fox, who has produced most of Gilroy’s films, will again collaborate with the director on this project which, like so many others, will be featured on the Cannes virtual market that has just started.