Dams continue with little water despite storms and floods in NL

In Nuevo León the weather conditions have been very changeable, on Monday very high temperatures were registered while on Tuesday an intense electrical storm flooded several streets of the Monterrey Metropolitan Area.

This last situation made several citizens believe that the state’s dams were filled, but this was not the case, because although water was provided, the amount was very little.

Well, according to the National Water Information System, it indicated that the José López Portillo “Cerro Prieto” dam has a filling percentage of 14 percent.

Meanwhile, it was reported that the Cuchillo Solidaridad “El Cuchillo” dam is 53 percent full; little more than half.

Lastly, the smallest dam in Nuevo León, Rodrigo Gómez “La Boca” has 70 percent fill.

The state’s dams collected little water despite the intense storm that occurred on Tuesday.

Monterrey wakes up with intense rain and thunderstorm

Today’s forecast was fulfilled and this morning the Monterrey metropolitan area woke up to intense rain and a thunderstorm.

Minutes before 5:15 a.m., the precipitation began to be noticed in isolation and after 5:30 a.m., in a generalized way in the city.

Given the current rains that will continue to fall in the state, Civil Protection of Nuevo León issued a series of recommendations so that citizens can stay safe.

Through its social networks, the rescue corporation gave advice to citizens, for those who are at home and people who are on the street or driving for work or other reasons.

Recommendations for driving during rain:

Keep your distance from other vehicles Reduce your speed Turn on lights and windshield wipers Use your seat belt Avoid flooded streets

Recommendations for rains for those at home:

Try to stay in a safe place Avoid throwing garbage on the street Avoid touching utility poles or cables Remove falling objects from balconies and windows Avoid walking through flooded streets

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