Damián Zamogilny puts Cruz Azul as the team that disappointed the most in the first leg of the quarter

The sports analyst Damien Zamogilny of the TUDN chain, placed the Cruz Azul team in Juan Reynoso on the MX League, as the one that most disappointed in the first leg duels of the quarterfinals of the Guardians Tournament 2021.

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If there is someone who disappointed me, it is Cruz Azul, and I have no doubt that it is the biggest disappointment for what it had generated, in terms of consecutive wins and the record. It disappoints because it raises something different from what he had shown during the tournament “, were the words of Zamogilny.

The former Argentine footballer spoke in ‘Line of Four’, where he assured that the Cementeros commanded by Juan Reynoso were the biggest disappointment of the first leg of the quarterfinals, after showing a different face to what was done in the entire regular role.

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Damián Zamogilny also said he was confused with the approach that Cruz Azul showed in the duel against Toluca, after leaving two key players like Jonatan Rodríguez and Orbelín Pineda on the bench.

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