Damian Lillard resists the temptations of LeBron James


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It is not a secret that Lebron James he has tried to recruit players to join him in the Los Angeles Lakers, just as he did in his previous stops in Cleveland and Miami. James has had his successes as evidenced by the arrival of the superstar also represented by Klutch Sports, Anthony Davis, who forced his arrival at the Lakers.

James has his eye on another superstar, but Damian Lillard has repeatedly rejected the Lakers star’s recruiting proposals.


“In every way, the Blazers’ linchpin is perhaps the most loyal of all NBA star players, he is revered throughout the league as a rarity within the culture of the sport, & rdquor; I had detailed it in writer Jake Fischer in an article published in Bleacher Report.

“(Lillard) has long rejected the recruiting attempts of various rivals — and there have been many. In this league, LeBron James picking Lillard on three All-Star teams is no coincidence. & Rdquor;

This news comes just days after former NBA CEO Ryan McDonough gave details about the recruiting proposals James made to Lillard.

McDonough believes James tried to get Lillard interested in Los Angeles shortly after joining the Lakers in 2018.

“LeBron James has drafted superstar point guards in the past, who were under contract with other teams, & rdquor; McDonough explained, according to the interview he gave to the Audacy podcast.

“We mentioned Steph Curry, but LeBron recruited Damian Lillard a few years ago, quietly, behind the scenes— I think it was in 2018, shortly after LeBron signed in Los Angeles with the Lakers. Damian Lillard & mldr; He is one of the best players in the entire league, an MVP candidate, very loyal to Portland and the Trail Blazers. But LeBron did recruit him, Brian Scalabrine, my sources tell me LeBron approached Lillard and said, ‘Hey, join me in LA, come play for the Lakers’ and Lillard obviously refused. ”