Damian Lillard He made a videoconference with different media to present NBA 2K21, the game of which is the cover, in which he left enough headlines. Some of them explosive, since they do not show complete confidence in the players of the best league in the world.

06/30/2020 05:06

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Lillard showed his desire to be in the Orlando bubble, but he did not make it 100% clear either. His loss would be terrible for the interests of the Portland Trail Blazers, since not having one of the best bases in the world when they are playing the last place in the playoffs would remove many options for those of Terry Stotts.

The Blazers guard said he is not overly confident, speaking to ESPN’s Royce Young: “I don’t have much hope that the protocol will be followed because you’re telling me that you’re going to have 22 teams full of players who have to follow all the rules and when we have 100% freedom, not all players will respect them ”.

Even so, he also made a plea in favor of the organizers to bring the situation to a successful conclusion: “Hopefully it will be handled to a point where we do not put everyone at risk, or at least we are not in a dangerous situation.

The increase in cases in Florida worries

We already mentioned a few days ago that the outbreak that the state of Florida had experienced was of great concern to the health authorities. Adam Silver was in daily contact with them and it seemed that the season was going to resume safely, but the players are concerned.

In a statement to the New York Times, Silver said the model was designed for this: « It was designed to protect us and our players from cases outside the community. »

Lillard expressed confidence that players and staff in the bubble will be safer there than they would be if they continued with their daily lives and believes in the bubble’s ability to protect them from what is happening in Florida.

However, he does not believe that this completely avoids the risk: “The bubble limits the possibility that we will be exposed to everything that happens outside of Orlando. But I don’t think they can protect us 100%. Everyone who goes there will understand that

Lillard doesn’t want to get out of his room too much

This certain distrust that “Dame” feels makes him not want to leave his room too much when it is not necessary: ​​“I am going to relax. There is a chance that something will spread within the bubble, with so many people doing so many different things. I am taking my PS3, my PS4, my study equipment, my laptop and many books to be able to be relaxed in my room ”.

Hopefully Lillard will not back down and we can enjoy one of the great stars of the NBA.